FIX protocol is used by many experienced traders providing them with real-time communication between client, trader, investment fund or broker and liquidity provider.

The API gives clients complete control over what is shared without requiring an intermediary software.

OX Securities offers a FIX API connection solution for its clients. By using the FIX protocol, you can customise your trading experience to suit your specific trading strategy.

What is FIX?

  • FIX (which stands for Financial Information exchange) is a protocol that has changed the trading environment immensely.
  • FIX has become the universal language for global financial markets.
  • It is used by trading platforms, and global regulatory bodies to assist in the collection and distribution of trade data.
  • The FIX protocol is used across the globe that is offered free.
  • Since it is non-proprietary it is constantly evolving and being developed to support new advancements in technology, businesses, and regulatory requirement.
  • The FIX protocol is used by thousands of firms all around the world and executes millions of transactions on a daily basis.

Benefits of FIX API: FIX API is known to be very flexible to suit the complex requirements of many traders and institutions requirements.

A huge benefit of FIX is it offers more functionality compared to other solutions. Sometimes traders require the need for two or more ticks to fill an order which is not offered with other solutions. This solution is suitable for high-frequency strategies that require the fastest trade times as possible. Since you are trading directly through the trading servers, having FIX API allows trader to circumvent traditional third party software.

Latency can be as low as 1 Millisecond Designed for Professional Traders. Having a system driven by the FIX protocol enables traders to customise the trading experience to suit their unique requirements. As traders develop their skills over time they will find that they will need to use FIX to enhance their trading. FIX offers the flexibility to trade the way you want to.

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